Skull Base and Pituitary Surgery

Tumors of the skull base have a high propensity to invade osseous boundaries and distort anatomy, obscuring surgical landmarks in a region crowded with critical neurovascular structures. Image-guided surgery is becoming an important tool in the resection of complex skull base tumors, particularly in the petroclival and parasellar regions, as well as in the foramen magnum and the jugular foramen [11].

When compared with other lesions, such as vault meningiomas, cerebral gliomas and non-gliotic intra-axial lesions, skull base lesions are associated with substantially lower degrees of post-imaging, intraoperative brain shift. This implies that the accuracy of frameless image-guided methods is higher for such lesions [9].

Sure et al. [11] evaluated the role of neuronavigation in a series of10 skull base tumors. The value of pre-operatively acquiring both CT and

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