Rehabilitation Of Neurologically Injured Patients

injury or stroke are of small scale, with variable results [25], but a beneficial effect has been suggested in double-blind studies [26]. Bromocriptine was found to enhance fluency in aphasics [27] but GM1 ganglio-side studied in humans revealed no convincing evidence of benefit [28]. Pre-injury education and intelligence. Those with higher pre-morbid IQ and higher levels of education have better prospects of improvement [17]. Appropriate attention by carers and partners and other social factors such as support by friends and family [29]. Forced use of target organs such as limbs and speech is known to promote recovery [30] and emphasizes the place of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

These factors are important in selecting patients for rehabilitation and planning programs to suit each individual. Elderly patients, those with overwhelming general medical problems, poor nutritional state, poor pre-morbid intelligence and pre-existing psychiatric disorders herald a poor prognosis and such patients may need to be excluded from a general rehabilitation program or managed in special placements.

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