Rasmussens Encephalitis or Chronic Encephalitis with Epilepsy

This rare but definite entity, first described from the Montreal Neurological Institute in 1958, was labelled "encephalitis" because this term most accurately described the pathological findings on light microscopy [29]. It is usually a progressive disease in childhood, affecting one cerebral hemisphere, but it is now known that it can occasionally burn out before the hemisphere and its functions are completely destroyed, that cases sometimes have a later onset and that there are a few well documented cases of bilateral occurrence. The pathophysiology is obscure. It has been linked, without definite proof, to a slow virus infection and with cytomegalic virus. It has also been proposed that it is linked to an autoimmune process related to the GluR receptor [30]. Medical treatment with anti-viral agents or steroids may be sporadically effective or coincide with the natural arrest of the disease. In some cases, temporary improvement has been seen with plasma exchange. Local resection early in the disease is ineffective, apart from as a biopsy, and later it is inappropriate. The only effective surgical therapy is hemispherectomy.

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