Radiographic Followup of Brain Abscess

Frequent imaging is essential during treatment of patients with a brain abscess. MRI has no proven advantage over CT, but either is equally acceptable. Logically, for most accurate comparison, the same modality should be used consistently for each patient. Imaging should be performed weekly for the duration of treatment and for 1-2 weeks thereafter, followed by a study 1 month later. Bi-monthly examinations should then be performed until the process has radiographically resolved. The time course of abscess resolution is variable but, in general, radiographic evidence of resolution lags behind clinical improvement. In most cases, objective evidence of decrease in the size is first noticeable 2-3 weeks following initiation of therapy. However, complete resolution of the abscess cavity, mass effect and contrast enhancement may take 3-4 months and, occasionally, residual contrast enhancement may persist for up to 9 months. Indeed, prolonged enhancement should not, in and of itself, dictate the need for additional therapy. However, these patients bear close observation and follow-up. It should be noted that increase in contrast enhancement is commonly seen when patients are withdrawn from steroids, although, again, this does not necessarily indicate regrowth of the abscess.

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