□ What do you understand by the terms "impairment", "disability" and "handicap"?

□ What are the pathophysiological factors that determine the severity of brain injury?

□ What pathophysiological processes are involved in recovery of function following injury to brain tissue?

□ Discuss the factors that influence recovery of damaged neural tissue.

□ What influence does the pathophysiology of neural injury have on the process of rehabilitation of patients with neural injury?

□ What factors influence the success of a rehabilitation program?

□ Which type of patients are deemed unsuitable for a rehabilitation program?

□ What is a multidisciplinary team?

□ Who are primary personnel that constitute a rehabilitation team?

□ Discuss the role of three primary members of a rehabilitation team.

□ Of what importance is continued medical care to a rehabilitation program?

□ What facilities are required for a general neuro-rehabilitation unit?

□ What is discharge planning?

□ How would you assess progress of a patient in a rehabilitation program?

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