Principles of Antibiotic Therapy

The most important factor regarding antibiotic therapy for treatment of a cerebral abscess is to choose an agent(s) based on culture and sensitivity testing of the causative organism. Ideally, the culture should be obtained directly from the abscess. Given the ease and safety of stereotactic image-guided surgery, this should almost always be feasible, except in the presence of an uncontrolled bleeding diathesis. Other factors that influence antibiotic selection include spectrum of activity, bactericidal or bacteriostatic properties and the ability of a drug to penetrate into the abscess cavity to produce therapeutic concentrations at the site of action. Indeed, some abscesses may not be cured, in spite of antibiotic concentrations within the abscess cavity exceeding the minimum inhibitory concentration. Local factors within the abscess cavity such as pH or absolute number of microorganisms may produce a milieu in which drugs may be ineffective, despite seemingly adequate concentrations. In general, any abscess greater than 2.5-3.0 cm in diameter is unlikely to be cured by medical therapy alone and should be aspirated in conjunction with antibiotic therapy [13,14].

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Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

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