Physiotherapy PT

Physiotherapists play a central role in the MDT. Their activities concentrate mainly on the design of exercises favoring the forced use of target organs. The exercises are also tailored to improve mobility of limbs to maintain a full range of joint movements and to improve balance. The activities are designed in such a way as to be relevant to activities of daily living such as washing, shaving, dressing, toilet, self care, eating and occupation and are closely coordinated with the occupational therapists. In addition, leisure activities in a group setting help the patients to improve confidence and achieve mobility and functional independence.

Physiotherapists also contribute, with hands-on measures to improve spasticity and control of balance. They are involved in the management of chronic pain situations and work towards improvement in overall general fitness. They also recommend the use of devices such as orthoses to assist in mobility and weight bearing and overcoming limb deformities due to abnormal posturing. In this regard, they liaise closely with the technicians who make such devices.

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