Pathology of Skull Base Tumors

Primary tumors of the skull base are rare. It is more common for involvement to occur consequent upon spread from either a primary intracranial or an extracranial neoplastic process. Whether arising primarily from the skull base or involving it secondarily, these tumors are uncommon.

Tumors may be classified as:

• Primary skull base lesions - those arising from the bone and/or cartilage.

• Intracranial - those that arise at the base of the brain, with a tendency to invade the basicranium. They may arise from the neural, vascular or meningeal tissues within the cranium.

• Extracranial - those originating from tissues just below the cranium and invading the skull base secondarily. They often involve the paranasal sinuses, the infratemporal fossa, or the parapharyn-geal space.

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