Pathological Appearance

Macroscopically, germinomas are usually soft, grayish pink and friable; some may have a granular consistency. Focal hemorrhages and small cysts may be present. Smaller tumors can appear encapsulated, confined to the pineal region, whereas larger tumors tend to be poorly defined and infiltrate the adjacent structures, including the quadrigeminal plate, the posterior commissure, thalamus and the roof of the third ventricle [17]. Suprasellar germinomas tend to infiltrate the lamina terminalis, the optic chiasm, the septum pellucidum and the hypothalamus. Sometimes, these tumors can appear highly infiltrative without a definite mass, and may mimic an infiltrating glioma. Occasionally, suprasellar growth may extend into the sella turcica and compress the anterior lobe anteriorly or cause compression of the optic chiasm.

Embryonal carcinomas and endodermal sinus tumors have variable gross appearances

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