Pathological Anatomy

The degree of infiltration of the surrounding brain by low-grade gliomas is very variable. Some tumors can appear to occupy much of a cerebral hemisphere, with the patient suffering surprisingly little, if any, neurological impairment (Fig. 9.1). In these cases the differential diagnosis from gliomatosis cerebri can be somewhat arbitrary. Other tumors (Fig. 9.2) can be relatively small and appear well circumscribed, although histologically all of these tumors are infiltrative to a greater or lesser extent. Most of these tumors do not infiltrate or cross the pia arachnoid so that on the scan, and at surgery,

Fig. 9.1. Case HO. Inoperable low-grade astrocytoma (histologically verified).
Fig. 9.2. Case MB. A small left temporal tumor that is histologically identical to Case HO.

one will find quite clear superficial edges to the tumor that are formed by the cerebral sulci. The infiltration occurs in the deep white matter beneath the cortex and it is the lack of a clear

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