Other Vascular Malformations

Angiographically occult vascular malformations (AOVMs) are often referred for radio-surgery. Treatment of cavernous venous malformations is, to some extent, controversial. Planning the treatment may be difficult because the true margins of the vascular anomaly are not obvious, even on MRI. The ring of hemosiderin may lead to an overestimate of the volume and thus increase the risk of complications. Indeed, the treatments planned on CT in the early years were associated with side-effects. The natural history of these lesions is still not clear and many, particularly the incidentally detected ones, are only observed. Those that are in a surgically easily accessible position are usually removed by microsurgery, particularly if they had bled or caused epilepsy. Those in an eloquent site (brainstem, basal ganglia, etc.) may be good radiosurgical targets. There is increasing statistical evidence that the risk of hemorrhage is reduced by radiosurgery. The difficulty in interpretation of the results lies in the fact that obliteration cannot be demonstrated radiologically. Epilepsy may also improve after treatment.

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