Obstructive Hydrocephalus Due to Tumors

Midline tumors - particularly those of the pineal gland and posterior fossa - commonly result in obstructive hydrocephalus and, indeed, this is one of the principal ways in which these conditions present, especially in children. Although preliminary shunting of the hydro-cephalus has been advocated, in the majority of cases, the hydrocephalus will resolve following removal of the obstructive pathology. In their series of posterior fossa tumors with hydrocephalus, Kumar et al. reported that a shunt was required in 18.9% of cases [7]. Young age at presentation, incomplete tumor removal and malignant midline tumors were factors increasing the likelihood of shunt requirement.

In situations where more urgent control of the hydrocephalus is required, insertion of an external ventricular drain, a subcutaneous reservoir or an endoscopic third ventricu-lostomy can be performed, pending definitive surgical treatment of the tumor.

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