Table 10.2. Survival for HGGs by RTOG RPA (courtesy of Curan et al. [12])

RPA class, respectively. These studies confirmed prognostic factors found in most other studies, including age, Karnofsky performance status (KPS), histological grade, mental status, length and/or presence of neurological symptoms, surgical resection and adequate radiation. The predictors of outcome at the time of HGG recurrence have been evaluated in a large review of 375 patients enrolled on phase II treatment trials, which reported median survival for all recurrent HGGs of 30 weeks, with overall survival rates at 1 year of 47% and 21%, for AA and GBM patients respectively [13]. This study confirmed the prognostic significance of histology (AA vs GBM), KPS and prior intensive therapy, which were found in other previous studies [14]. The appropriate choice of surgical candidates and the aggressiveness of resection for primary and recurrent HGGs, discussed below, must account for these histological and clinical characteristics that dominate clinical outcome.

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