are evident earlier, at which point a limited cranial vault expansion may be indicated. The cranio-orbital decompression consists of bi-coronal suture release and osteotomies of the anterior cranial vault and orbits, with reshaping and advancement. The purpose is to decompress the brain and increase orbital volume, to decrease globe protrusion. The child is then followed clinically at intervals and further decompression with reshaping is performed if there is evidence of elevated ICP. The site of brain compression is determined and cranial vault expansion is performed in this area, either anterior or posterior. Later in childhood (at 5-7 years of age), correction of the mid-face hypoplasia, along with final cranial vault reshaping, can be performed through a LeFort III, monobloc or facial bipartition. Selection of the procedure depends upon the presenting deformity and should be customized accordingly. More commonly, LeFort III and monobloc procedures are performed for Crouzon syndrome. Final correction of the malocclusion through orthognathic surgery should be reserved until skeletal maturity, to avoid recurrence of the malocclusion and also creation of severe enophthalmos in an attempt to correct the bite at an early age.

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