paraspinous muscles allows for spontaneous reduction of the associated retrolisthesis, which can occur with anterior longitudinal ligament rupture, yielding to the normal radiographic findings. This type of injury is usually associated with good prognosis for recovery.

In pediatric patients, the mechanisms of injury noted included hyperextension, flexion, repetitive flexion-extension, longitudinal distraction and crush injury [23]. More horizontally oriented articulating facet surfaces, forward wedging of the anterior portion of the vertebral body and increased elasticity and redundancy of the interspinous ligaments, posterior joint capsules and cartilaginous endplates account for the increased susceptibility of the pediatric spinal cord to sustain this type of injury. Usually, these patients present with evidence of complete cord transection or anterior cord syndrome. These syndromes are uniformly associated with a poorer prognosis. Cervical immobilization is the standard treatment.

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