Fig. 25.1. Varieties of sagittal synostosis. a Compensatory changes. b Anterior sagittal synostosis. c Posterior sagittal synostosis. d Complete sagittal synostosis.

together, the sagittal, transverse and confluence of sinuses must often be carefully separated from the overlying suture. Otherwise, there is significant risk of entering these sinuses with the craniotome or kinking them when remodeling the skull. CT venography is especially useful in establishing the location of these important venous structures. This technique also changes the relationship between the pathological dura and the overlying skull and may interrupt the signals that would otherwise cause restenosis.

Patients are positioned supine for anterior corrections, prone for posterior corrections and in a modified prone position for simultaneous correction of anterior and posterior abnormalities. In order to shorten operative procedures and the surgical stress upon the patient, there may be a tendency to perform anterior and posterior corrections in stages. This often has sub-optimal results and every effort should be made to effect a normal skull contour with a single operation. The modified prone position is

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