radiation oncology and skull-base techniques have improved the overall surgical management of patients with meningiomas and their outcome. However, we are still far from providing optimal care to all patients with menin-giomas. Ultimately, the future of meningioma treatment will likely evolve through detailed elucidation of tumorigenic mechanisms at the subcellular level coupled with further advances in molecular therapy that will rely upon the re-classification of these tumors based on their genetic profile yet to be determined.

Comprehensive coverage of meningiomas in a single chapter is utterly impossible. Therefore, in this limited space, the epidemiology, pathology, natural history and recurrence of meningiomas are briefly discussed. Then, treatment options, together with their indications, are briefly outlined. Several important surgical concepts are presented, with an emphasis on general principles that apply to resection of meningiomas at most intracranial locations. The role of therapeutic radiation, including various techniques utilized for treatment of meningiomas such as conventional radiation, gamma-knife and linear accelerator radio-surgery, and intensity-modulated radiation therapy, are delineated. Finally, a review of the current understanding of meningioma tumor biology is presented. Possible directions for future therapy implicated by this basic scientific knowledge are also postulated.

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