be considered initially. Rest, anti-inflammato-ries and analgesics are often effective for treating acute neck and arm pain from spondylosis. These modalities are less efficacious for the treatment of chronic cervical pain.

A variety of surgical options are available for the treatment of symptomatic cervical spondy-losis refractory to non-operative measures. Cervicoradicular pain resulting from cervical nerve root compression is usually amenable to decompressive surgery. Anterior and posterior decompressive approaches are available. The procedure selected is dependent upon the location of the compressive pathology and the need to undertake fusion at the time of decompression.

Fusion surgery is required in cases where spinal instability is contributing to symptoms or to reconstruct the segment of the spine that was resected for decompression. The role of spinal fusion for the treatment of axial neck pain is controversial. In a highly selected population, segmental fusion can be effective for treating axial pain if the location of the pain generator is clear. Internal fixation devices are an effective adjunct to achieve immediate stabilization of a segment which is intended to be fused.

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