Resection of intraventricular and parenchy-mal tumors remains a relatively infrequent practice owing to the limiting factors of hemorrhage, deteriorating visibility, length of operation and the limited range of available instruments.

A dual-portal approach has been piloted that uses one channel for illumination and visualization, and the other for the passage of instruments; complete resection was achieved in five out of six patients, one case being abandoned in favor of open operation due to hemorrhage [23]. Although there was no immediate reported morbidity, the potential hazards of multiple cortical punctures were a cause for concern. Extensive endoscopic resection of deep-seated parenchymal brain tumors has remained the practice of a very small number of committed neurosurgeons, often using highly sophisticated image-guided stereotaxy and laser ablation, or ultrasound guidance. Notwithstanding the high level of skill and elegance involved, the absence of any randomized trial data regarding disease-free remission or survival makes it difficult to evaluate and define the role of this technology in tumor management.

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