a smaller chance of sampling error than biopsy. Resection can decrease mass effect, which can cause neurological impairment, steroid dependence and even death. However, the risks of open resection are higher than those of biopsy.

The best predictor of a specific post-operative neurological deficit is the presence of that deficit pre-operatively. Therefore, pre-operative neurological status is an important consideration for surgical strategy. The most important predictor of post-operative hemorrhage and clinically significant post-operative edema is residual tumor. Bilateral tumors and tumors that clearly extend into important functional areas may be best treated with biopsy and post-operative therapies. Patients with significant medical problems, the very elderly and those with a KPS of less than 60 should be offered biopsy. Furthermore, when the diagnosis of tumor vs other lesions (stroke, infection, demyelinating disease, multiple metastases, lymphoma, etc.) is in doubt, biopsy may be a better initial step.

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