scanning be tied to critical events, such as the completion of tumor resection or the preservation of a functional region?

Intraoperative Ultrasonography

The use of intraoperative ultrasonography to update the pre-operative image has been considered. Ultrasonography is inexpensive; also, it allows fast multiplanar examination and can reliably detect tumor remnants. Tracking of the ultrasound probe allows 3D reconstruction. However, the overall quality of soft-tissue visualization is not as good as that of MRI, and the fusion of the ultrasonic image with the MR image is still difficult to obtain.

Outcome of Image-guided Surgery for Intrinsic Tumors

A more important question is whether a more complete resection of a high-grade glioma, as is possible with image-guided surgery, leads to a better prognosis. Recurrence of gliomas generally occurs at the site of residual tumor, and therefore gross total resection might increase the progression-free survival and improve the quality of life when compared with subtotal resection or biopsy. There is also evidence to suggest that the immediate complication rate after gross total resection is lower than that after biopsy or subtotal resection [20]. A systematic analysis of survival times, with and without target resection control for matched patients and tumors, is required.

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Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

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