of headings, including hemi-megalencephaly, focal and diffuse cortical dysplasia, etc. The range of changes seen is wide and, when gross, they can be detected by structural and functional brain imaging. The detailed abnormalities found in these specimens not only demonstrate abnormal cells, but also a gross disruption of cortical lamination and organization. This probably accounts for two disappointing aspects of resective surgery in this group, which is, first, that the lesions may be impossible to remove completely and, secondly, even when seizures are controlled, these patients continue to show slow development and poor intellectual progress.

Malformations and similar lesions are a heterogeneous group and the surgeon must rely upon his neuropathological colleagues for a detailed classification of the lesions. More important are the location and size of the lesion, which determine outcome, rather than the precise nature. The DNET, if it can be completely removed outside of the temporal lobe or mostly removed as part of a temporal lobe resection, usually has a good outcome and long-term prognosis. Further treatment is seldom necessary, even when the removal is known to be incomplete surgically or pathologically [28]. Patients with tuberose sclerosis may develop large areas of focal change and some success in controlling epilepsy has been reported following their removal. Hypothalamic hamartomas are associated with precocious puberty and gelastic epilepsy. Recently, a number of treatments for these lesions have been reported, including radiosurgery, direct stereotactic ablation and open surgery. The group at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne has reported excellent results from a direct approach.

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