and ingenuity of the available equipment. Manufacturers are now seeing a market for "tools" for carotid angioplasty and stenting and devices are being specifically made for this. I now use a 7 French sheath (Cook's Flexor 7 French Tuohy-Borst sidearm introducer), specifically designed for carotid angioplasty. This sheath provides a firm platform in the common carotid artery (CCA) for negotiation of tortuous vessels and is very stable.

After single femoral access, a standard catheter for selective angiogram is placed in the appropriate common carotid artery. A compass wire plus lock extension is passed into the ECA and the guiding sheath passed into the CCA. If primary stenting is to be performed, which is currently my usual technique, the occlusion is crossed with an 014 wire or with a cerebral protection device. If the stenosis is very tight, pre-dilatation is performed with a profile coronary balloon such as a Savvy (Cordis) with 3mm diameter. The stent is then inserted and post dilated up to the normal diameter of the vessel and the cerebral protection device then removed.

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