surgically, although there was no significant difference in the 1-year fatality rates [18]. Preliminary data suggest that the long-term risk of further bleeding from the treated aneurysm is low with either treatment, but somewhat more frequent with endovascular coiling.

The indications for coiling and results of long-term follow-up need to be examined further before their role in the management of sub-arachnoid patients can be fully delineated. It is an attractive, minimally invasive alternative to surgical clipping that can be carried out at the same time as diagnostic angiography. Current indications for coiling include posterior circulation aneurysms and selected poor-grade patients, dependent on aneurysm morphology, whilst limitations include giant aneurysms, those with a wide neck and more distally placed aneurysms. However, with improvements in technology and the introduction of newer coils and substances (such as ONYX), the role of endovascular treatment may continue to evolve.

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