Fig. 3.2. a An inactive plaque of MS at autopsy, packed with lipid-filled gitter cells (red in the original), the sharp edge and the uniformly plump macrophages indicating that the lesion is at least many months old. NP4249, oil-red-O-hematoxylin (ORO-H). b A small focus of activity at the edge of another old plaque in the same patient, the gradation in size of the microglia as they digest the myelin into ORO-positive droplets indicating that the lesion began less than a few days before death. NP4249, ORO-H. c Another small focus of activity in another case of MS, the progressively decreasing sizes of the myelin debris (blue in the original) phagocytosed by microglia and converted into periodic acid-Schiff (PAS)-positive granules (red in the original) paralleling the lipid production in b. NP2169, Luxol-fast-blue-PAS-hematoxylin (LFB-PAS-H).

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