Lastly, meningiomas have been found in association with several other types of cancer. Due to the fact that meningiomas are relatively common tumors, and mostly benign with many years' survival, a chance of incidental association with other tumors is possible. However, there have been reports of some tumors that seem to have a "more-than-chance" association with meningiomas. Fox [13] compiled several reported series for a total of 52 cases of (non-NF, non-radiation-induced) meningiomas associated with gliomas of various grades, some of which were juxtaposed and some located at distant intracranial sites. Whether there is some common genetic or environmental factor involved in the concurrent development of meningiomas and gliomas, or whether they are entirely coincidental, remains unclear.

There has also been an association between meningiomas and breast cancer, as suggested by several authors. Studies of hormonal receptors as the link have not been conclusive, although meningiomas have been reported to have an increased incidence and growth rate in women during pregnancy, possibly supporting a hormonal role. Other molecular analyses have placed emphasis on the loss of heterozygosity of the long arm of chromosome 22 and have indicated that a tumor suppressor gene associated with breast cancer may exist at the chromosome locus 22q13 [14]. Interestingly, 22q13 is just slightly distal to the NF-2 tumor suppressor gene locus (22q12) implicated in NF-2-associated meningiomas and in about 50% of sporadic meningiomas.

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