these areas. However, until the brain tissue is exposed and after the intended resection is completed, sedation or anesthesia can be administered to improve patient acceptability during such phases of the procedure as scalp incision, drilling of the skull, fashioning of the bone flap and closure. In the past, neurolept techniques (using fentanyl, alfentanil or sufentanil) were generally used, but short-acting opioid and propofol combinations are now the norm. The airway may be secured with the laryngeal mask airway, which is removed for the awake part of the procedure. Additional local anesthetic infiltration is given to reduce the stimulation of insertion of cranial pins and scalp incision. Monitoring must be of the same intensity as for conventional craniotomy as complications such as venous air embolism, airway obstruction and convulsions can occur. The anesthesiologist must have a full understanding of surgical intentions in order to anticipate the need to alter the depth of sedation appropriately. Very close cooperation between the surgeon and the anesthesiologist is absolutely essential to the success of this procedure.

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