MRI Scanning

Contrast-enhanced MRI is the investigation of choice in patients with symptoms and/or signs of CPA disease. Thin sections in axial and coronal planes can detect acoustic neuromas as small as 2 mm in diameter. CT scans provide complementary information on bone anatomy, but the beam-hardening artefact caused by the petrous bone reduces the resolution of the technique within the CPA. Typical MRI appearances of CPA lesions are shown in Fig. 14.1. Acoustic neuromas and meningiomas may both appear isointense on T2-weighted images and enhance with paramagnetic contrast. Cystic appearances can be present in either lesion. However, meningiomas appear broad-based and form an obtuse angle with the petrous dura. A tail of dural enhancement is frequently present and is a pathognomic sign. Acoustic neuromas characteristically expand the porus acousticus but, if hyperostosis is associated with a meningioma, the porus may be narrowed.

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