Medical Personnel

Medical personnel involved are the rehabilitation specialists and trainees. The services of other specialists are often required, such as neurosurgeons in the event of structural complications like hydrocephalus, and neurologists in the control of epilepsy. Neuro-psychiatrists assist in the management of those with preexisting depressive and other psychiatric disorders and behavioral problems, as well as with behavior disorders following the brain injury. Plastic surgeons help in cases of difficult pressure sores, orthopedic surgeons in correction of fixed deformities, urologists in cases of genito-urinary complications and general surgeons and physicians in the event of general medical disorders.

In addition to providing medical care during the period of rehabilitation, medical personnel are involved in patient selection, monitoring of general medical progress, with a view to early detection of complications, and appropriate consultation with specialists in relevant areas. The rehabilitation consultant is also responsible for co-ordinating the program activities among the different departments within the multidisci-plinary group and also some of the administrative duties in the department.

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