Key Points

• Stroke continues to be the most common life-threatening neurologic disease and the third leading cause of death in the USA, after heart disease and cancer.

• The majority of ischemic strokes, in the setting of occlusive disease of the craniocerebral vas-culature, are due to atherosclerotic disease. The most common extracranial sites for atherosclerosis are the carotid bifurcation, the sub-clavian arteries and the proximal vertebral arteries.

• Patients suspected of having a stroke should have a thorough but concise history and a neurological examination of sufficient detail to assess the degree of dysfunction and to rule out other neurological conditions. Assessment of the level of consciousness, gaze, vision, dysarthria, aphasia, leg and arm strength, sensory loss or extinction, facial asymmetry and limb ataxia needs to be undertaken and clearly documented. Time of symptom onset is important to determine whether there is an opportunity for the patient to receive throm-bolytic therapy, provided there are no contraindications.

• Based on the data obtained from the different clinical trials, CEA has been found to offer protection against subsequent ipsilateral stroke or crescendo TIAs in patients with symptomatic high-grade stenosis.

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