Key Points

• There are many varieties of low-grade glioma and few generalizations can be made as to how they are best treated other than that most patients will die of the disease within 10years of diagnosis, whatever the treatment undertaken.

• There is no clear, trial-based evidence that can be used in deciding upon treatment and it is not known whether partial removal of tumors has any significant impact on prognosis.

• Small, well-circumscribed tumors can probably be cured by surgical resection, but this only applies to a minority of cases.

• Modern microscopic techniques, combined with intraoperative histology and cortical mapping under local anesthetic, increase the number of cases where curative resection is a possibility.

• Most patients present with epilepsy and will remain without any significant neurological deficit for several years before they eventually deteriorate. The risks of treatment, and its uncertain benefit in many cases, must be carefully balanced against the relatively benign short-term natural history.

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