The indications and techniques for endovascu-lar treatment of diseases of the CNS and head and neck continue to grow. This is in part due to the experience, skill and ingenuity of the interventionalists but also because of the rapid advancement and development of new catheters, wires, coils, balloons and embolic agents, as well as of the X-ray hardware. Biplane and 3-D low-dose digital fluoroscopy and angiography are now commonplace. Because of rapid changes in catheters and embolic agents, this chapter will be a mere snapshot in the evolving story of interventional neuroradiology. As will be described below, endovascular neu-roradiological techniques can be used to treat the whole gamut of vascular diseases, either as a sole treatment or cure or as an adjunct to conventional neurosurgery. The techniques should only be carried out by a physician with specific training in interventional neu-rovascular procedures [1]. When treating neurovascular disease, a multi-disciplinary team approach is the ideal, with the involvement of neurointerventionalist, neurosurgeon, neurologist and neurointensivist.

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