Intraoperative Monitoring Transcranial Doppler Sonography and Electroencephalography

Stroke during CEA may result from emboliza-tion or thrombosis, as well as from a global reduction in CBF. Post-operative hyperperfu-

sion can also result in stroke from intracranial hemorrhage. Intraoperative embolization can be reduced by minimizing the manipulation of the bifurcation during dissection, as well as by meticulous attention to the endarterectomy and arteriotomy part of the case. Intraoperative cerebral ischemia can be prevented with the use of an intraluminal shunt, although its use, in turn, can be associated with air and atheroma embolization.

Cerebral perfusion during carotid occlusion can be assessed by observing the patient while awake, as well as by a number of physiological parameters.

Electroencephalographs Monitoring

Since the EEG reflects the summated potentials of cortical neurons placed in the vicinity of the electrodes, it follows that the amplitude, frequency and power provide a measure of the

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