Intracerebral Intraventricular and Subdural Hemorrhage

Only 20% of ICHs are aneurysmal in origin, although 30% of SAHs are complicated by ICH. They are most frequently seen with MCA and ACOM artery aneurysms. Their presence in SAH patients increases mortality, in part because they are most commonly associated with a poor presenting clinical grade. There is a tendency to improved outcome with emergency evacuation of the clot, particularly if simultaneous clipping of the aneurysm and aggressive management of spasm are undertaken. Patients with a small-volume hematoma, with little sub-arachnoid blood, who are young and are of good grade have the best prognosis. Subdural hematomas are associated with SAH in 1-2% of cases, whilst IVH complicates SAH in one out of six individuals.

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