Injury to the L2L4 Segment

These injuries result in cauda equina injuries and, hence, the recovery of function is different. In the presence of neural compression, a lami-nectomy with transpedicular decompression might provide adequate exposure. A retroperitoneal approach, with an S-shaped incision from the tip of the 12th rib into the lower abdomen, allows for reflection of the peritoneum and the abdominal cavity contents. The psoas muscle is then mobilized and the lumbar segmental vessels are ligated to allow access to the anterolateral aspect of the lumbar spine from L2 cau-dally. A vertebrectomy with grafting is then performed followed by instrumentation.

The goal of instrumentation in this region is not only to provide stability but also to maintain the physiological lordosis, which, if lost, leads to postural imbalances and a flat back. Rods are contoured to maintain the physiological lordosis and two to three motion segments are then fused, usually two levels above and one below the injury.

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