Injuries to the Occipital Cervical Articulation

Early and aggressive trauma care, as well as the ready availability of quality imaging, allow for earlier recognition of injuries to this region. Compression, distraction and lateral rotation constitute the primary forces. Falls from a height usually account for the axial compression forces. Rapid deceleration usually accounts for the distractive force, which creates tension in the tectorial membrane and the alar ligaments. Forced lateral bending or axial rotation, failure of the contralateral alar ligament or of the bony attachment to the ligament may occur. These injuries range from a mild ligamentous sprain to a completely unstable fracture pattern with ligamentous disruption, which can compromise adjacent structures such as the brain stem, the vertebral arteries, cranial nerves and the spinal cord. Occipital condyle fractures and atlanto-occipital dislocation are now reviewed.

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