Tight filum terminale 481 Time of flight 31 Tissue PO2 96-7 Tissue tear hemorrhages 370 Tourette's syndrome 608 Toxoplasma encephalitis 621, 624 Toxoplasmosis 645 Tramadol 577

Transcranial Doppler ultrasound 18, 98, 667 cerebral blood flow 310-11 vasospasm 325-6 Transcranial magnetic stimulation 12 Transcranial ultrasound in neonate 35-6 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) 579

Transient hyperemic response 99 Transient ischemic attacks 654 Trauma 48-9 axonal 409 brachial plexus 563-5 cauda equina 399 cranial nerve 667 glial 409

head see Head injury hyperextension injuries 391 peripheral nerve 558-63, 565-9 spinal see Spinal trauma Tremor see Movement disorders Trigeminal neuralgia 586-7 Trigeminal schwannoma 268-9 Triple therapy 326 TRISS Probability of Survival 372 Tubocurarine 74 Tumor suppressor genes 227-30

growth factors and Ras signal transduction pathway 229 NF-2 tumor suppressor 227-8 sex hormones 229-30 Tumorigenesis 226-7

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