Spinal cord injury in the pediatric age group is rare. The reported incidence of pediatric spinal cord injury ranges from 0.65-10% of all spinal cord injuries [35]. Two age peaks are commonly seen: those younger than 5 years of age and those older than 10 years. The incidence of osseous injury to the spine is greater between the ages of 6 and 15. Under the age of 12, the incidence of spinal injuries has an equal sex distribution, but a significant and dramatic increase in male incidence occurs after the age of 12.

Most of the pediatric spinal cord injuries occur in the summer months. Children of 0-9 years of age usually incur in vehicular versus pedestrian accidents and falls and these account for the majority of the causes in this age group [36]. In the older age group, motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle accidents, and sport-related injuries are a more common cause. The younger age group of children is also more likely to present with a neurological injury; in fact, younger children are more likely to sustain complete spinal cord injuries than are older children. In this age group, the craniover-tebral and upper cervical portions of the spine are more likely to be injured due to the hyper-mobility of the joints in this age group, especially until the age of 3.

The cervical region is the site most commonly affected, with a higher incidence of spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality (SCIWORA) in as many as 76% of patients. Multiple non-contiguous spinal injuries have been found in up to 16% of cases, emphasizing the need for complete radiographic evaluation of the vertebral column [2].

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