The first description of a meningioma was given by a Swiss physician, Felix Plater, in 1664. The first series of "fongueuses de la dure-mere"[8] was described by Antoine Louis in 1774. The term "meningioma" was coined by Cushing in 1922 [9]. Meningiomas comprise 15% of intracranial tumors. They occur predominantly in the fifth and sixth decades, with a peak at around 45 years, and 90% are intracranial. They are more common in females than in males, and, in the case of intracranial tumors, by a ratio of 3:2. Meningiomas are rare tumors in children. Meningiomas of the sellar region comprise approximately 15% of the intracranial total, occurring on the tuberculum sella or planum sphenoidale (suprasellar meningiomas), on the medial sphenoid wing and cavernous sinus (parasellar meningiomas) or, very rarely, within the sella turcica itself. Occasionally they arise from the optic nerve sheath and expand in a dumb-bell fashion, passing from the orbit through the optic canal.

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