ICP Monitoring

Patients with severe head injury, a GCS score of less than 9 and abnormal CT scan of the head are candidates for ICP monitoring and perfusion pressure management. ICP monitoring is indicated with a normal CT if blood pressure is less than 90 mmHg, the patient is posturing and if the age of the patient is over 40 years [1]. ICP monitoring could be performed by extracerebral, parenchymal or ventricular sensors. Generally speaking, extracerebral and parenchymal sensors have fewer infectious complications but are less accurate than intra-ventricular sensors. One major advantage of intraventricular cannula (IVC) is the ability to have external ventricular drainage (EVD). Therapy intensity level is roughly related to the CT class of the patient with TBI. As the basal cisterns become less visible on the CT, there is less chance of normal CSF circulation.

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