Historic Notes

The expression "stereotactic radiosurgery" (SRS) was coined by Lars Leksell, the Swedish neurosurgeon who first introduced this technique into neurosurgical practice. The term stands for a single fraction, stereotactically guided, high-dose radiation treatment on a small and well-defined volume of the brain. In this phrase (as in the method) he combined a number of important individual elements. The first, stereotaxy, the coordinate-based guidance technique in the brain, has developed from the initial endeavors of Victor Horsley and Robert Clark in 1908 and the first clinically used apparatus, devised by Spiegel and Wycis in 1947. Using this guidance system Leksell directed ionizing radiation to achieve the desired clinical effect. He included the term "surgery" to try and ensure that, as in open surgery, the selection of patients and targets would be done by neurosurgeons who were trained in neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and neuropathology and who were also familiar with the value and indications of the open surgical alternatives.

As the reader will know, Leksell greatly contributed to stereotaxy by designing his own simple and clinically easy-to-use frame. In order to reduce the invasiveness of even a

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