Germ Cell Tumors

Germ cell tumors originate in the primordial germ cells, which may undergo either germino-matous or embryonic differentiation. They are biologically diverse and range from benign teratomas to the malignant germinomas and non-germinomatous germ cell tumors. These tumors are located primarily in the midline, with the majority occurring outside the CNS. Approximately 5% of germ cell tumors in children occur within the CNS, most frequently in the pineal and suprasellar regions [1] (Fig. 28.4). Germinomas account for approximately 60% of these tumors, teratomas 30% and the malignant embryonal carcinoma, choriocarcinomas and endodermal sinus tumors approximately 10%. The non-germinomatous malignant germ cell tumors are often characterized by secretion of either beta HCG, alphafetoprotein or both. Significant elevation of one or both of these tumor markers, in association with a tumor located in the characteristic region, are sufficient to make a diagnosis. However, in the absence of such tumor marker elevation, tumor biopsy is required.

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