Facilities Required for a Rehabilitation Unit

Many rehabilitation services have been set up in the community and specialized centers have outreach facilities. Careful discharge planning from the specialized unit can help to integrate the disabled person back into a familiar community setting. However, for the early months following severe and moderate injuries, treatment in specialized units is necessary. Such centers are also important for education, training and research.

Purpose-built rehabilitation centers are planned to suit the housing of disabled patients in terms of mobility and safety, with few stairs to negotiate and easily operated lifts, where necessary. Access and doorways must be sufficiently wide for wheelchairs. Special toilets with hoist and bath facilities are required for inpa-tients who need assistance with transfers. As most patients are likely to be hospitalized for long periods of time, adequate recreational facilities are required for entertainment, as well as indoor games, leisure activities and meeting visitors. There should be sufficient security to ensure that cognitively impaired patients do not wander away into a hostile environment.

Most centers have a gymnasium for physical training, a hydrotherapy pool, OT workshops with facilities for washing, ironing, cleaning and computing, a house-keeping area with a kitchen, and purpose-built gardens for outdoor activity. A garden laid out with elevated flower beds and suitably wide paths to provide wheelchair access would facilitate recreation, as well as improve mobility and co-ordination. An elevated flower bed suits those who are unable to bend due to spinal problems.

An assessment flat gives the opportunity to assess the patient's independence in daily living under supervision. The flat would duplicate equipment and appliances in an ordinary household and the patient's ability to use these facilities and their safety in doing so could be monitored during a short stay. A car may be useful for driving assessment.

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