Facet denervation 584 Facet joint syndrome 583-4 Facial nerve 256-7 palsy 257 schwannoma 269 Fentanyl 74 Ferrugination 60 Fibro-osseous lesions 266-7 Fibromuscular dysplasia 654 Fibrosis 61-2, 63 Fibrous dysplasia 266-7 Fiducial localization error 126 Fiducial registration error 126 Fiducials 125 Fisher grading system 319 Fluid and electrolytes 100-1 Foramen of Monro 133 Fractionated radiosurgery 226 Fractionation 143 Fracture dislocation of spine 396-8 Freezing 608

Functional brain imaging 593-4 Functional mapping 180-3

cortical stimulation motor and sensory mapping 180-1

localization of somatosensory cortex using SSEPs 180

mapping of language cortex 181-3 pitfalls of 183 Functional MRI 129 Fungal infections 640-3 actinomycosis 643 aspergillosis 642 candidiasis 641-2 cryptococcosis 640-1 mucormycosis 642-3 nocardiosis 643

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