Epilepsy Surgery

The outcome from callosal section cannot be assessed with the same criteria as those used for resective surgery. The patients usually have multiple seizure types. The response of some seizures may be dramatic, with an 80% or greater reduction or even complete abolition, leaving other seizure types unaffected or even increased. It is clear that atonic or drop attacks are well relieved, with permanent cure varying between 4 and 80%, and improvement in between 75 and 100% of patients. Other seizure types are less responsive; improvements of between 56 and 75% were seen for generalized tonic-clonic seizures and around 30-40% for partial complex seizures. In 17 series in the literature between 1990 and 2001, these figures remain broadly true. In a careful study of the long-term effects of callosal section in the authors' material, Pressler showed that there was some fall off in seizure control after 2 years.

Two cognitive complications may follow callosal section. Speech may be affected in patients of mixed cerebral dominance, where inter-hemispheric communication is essential for the proper comprehension and production of speech and related functions.

The second complication is the posterior disconnection syndrome, in which complex tasks requiring the utilization of information from both hemispheres become impossible. It is associated with division of the posterior fibers at a one-stage callosotomy and, when the operation is staged, it is said to be less severe.

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