The overall incidence of HGGs in the USA is estimated at about 5/100,000 person-years, with approximately 13,000 new cases per year and 10,000 deaths. There is a direct correlation between age and higher tumor grade or aggressiveness, as well as mortality. Modest 2-4% increases in incidence have been shown in the last 10-20 years, with minimal improvements in 2-year GBM survival from 3 to 6% [1]. The relative incidence of the histological subtypes of HGG is difficult to determine accurately because rare entities such as gliosar-coma (GS) are either not reported separately or, in the case of more controversial diagnostic entities such as anaplastic oligoastrocytoma (AOA), are not uniformly diagnosed and reported. Nevertheless, the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the USA (CBTRUS) database (HYPERLINK http://www.cbtrus.org ) reports the incidence of GBM as 2.96/100,000 person-years, anaplastic astrocytoma (AA) as 0.49/ 100,000 person-years, anaplastic oligoden-droglioma (AO) as 0.10/100,000 person-years, and malignant glioma NOS (not otherwise specified) as 0.35/100,000 person-years. Thus, in this database, GBM accounted for 76% of HGGs while AA and AO accounted for 13% and 2.6% of HGGs, respectively.

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