CNS tumors represent approximately 17% of all malignancies in the pediatric age range, including adolescents. Approximately 2,000 children younger than 20 years of age are diagnosed annually with tumors of the CNS [1]. Brain tumors in childhood are a heterogeneous group. Astrocytomas are the most frequent, accounting for approximately 52%, while primitive neural epidermal tumors account for approximately 21%, ependymomas 9% and other tumor types represent the remaining 15%. While in older children and adults the most frequent site of malignant brain tumors is supratentorial, young children have a relatively high occurrence of tumors in the cerebellum and brain stem. The incidence of CNS tumors is greater in those children younger than 8 years of age - approximately 35 cases per million children - than it is in children from 8 to 17 years of age - approximately 20 per million [1].

Over the last two decades, CNS cancer incidence in children appears to have increased. While this has provoked concern that there may be changes in environmental exposures responsible for this increasing incidence, epidemiologic evidence to support this hypothesis is lacking. Alternatively, the increase in incidence

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