As with other sellar lesions, in addition to the clinical and biochemical features, the mainstay of diagnosis is imaging. CT characteristics include well-defined, homogeneous, non-enhancing sellar lesions without calcification and usually with suprasellar extension. These features, however, are not always specific and can be seen in other sellar lesions such as cystic pituitary adenomas, craniopharyngiomas, epi-dermoids and arachnoid cysts. The MRI features are also variable, possibly in keeping with the cyst contents, reflecting the number and activity of secretory cells in the wall. Given the variable imaging, the most difficult differential diagnosis remains that between RCCs and craniopharyngiomas. Some would say that the latter is suspected in pre-operative DI, calcification of the cyst wall, and possibly in cases of recurrence, reflecting the behavior of true craniopharyngiomas.

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