Conventional Radiation

Before the introduction of sophisticated planning computers and the integration of radiographic images to optimize radiation delivery, conventional radiation therapy was used to treat patients. With conventional therapy, radiation was delivered not only to the tumor bed but also to a margin (2 cm) to ensure adequate tumor coverage. This approach potentially delivered high doses of radiation to normal brain tissues. Early studies suggested that meningiomas were relatively insensitive to conventional radiation. More modern reports, however, found that RT resulted in excellent local control. Recently, Nutting et al. [30] reported a 5-year progression-free survival rate of 92%, and a 10-year progression-free survival rate of 83%, in 82 patients with benign meningiomas who were treated by surgery followed by external-beam RT.

Despite these impressive results, some have questioned the safety of conventional RT out of a concern over its potential long-term effects, including the induction of malignancies. Thus, researchers have been investigating ways to improve local control and minimize toxicities. This has led to the development of conformal radiation techniques, which enable radiation oncologists to increase the dose and minimize damage to the normal surrounding tissues and structures.

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