Conventional Analgesics

Conventional analgesics play an important role in the management of pain, both acute and chronic, although they may not be the mainstay of treatment. As patients suffering from chronic pain are likely to be taking the prescribed drugs for months or years, some important factors must be considered before selecting the drug and its mode of delivery.

These include the degree of potency required from the analgesic, tendency to drug dependency, patient compliance and side effects. It is sensible to start with the less potent agents and work up the "analgesic ladder", as required. It is a general rule of thumb that side effects increase with increasing potency. Drug dependency can become a problem in patients with longstanding pain and care should be exercised in prescribing potent narcotic analgesics, although they are by no means contra-indicated. The type of analgesia required will determine the first-choice drug, e.g. inflammatory pain may be more likely to respond to a

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